Wonderfalls: Fireworks

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Random question, but does anyone here know how to make animated .gifs? Because I would adore one of Eric catching the bat in Lovesick Ass - my friends and I rewind that part about five times whenever we're watching the episode.

Fic: Lonesome Dove

Title: Lonesome Dove
Author: osprey_archer
Beta: visualthinker11
Fandoms: Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies
Pairings: Jaye/Eric, with a splash of Olive/Randy and a touch of Ned/Chuck
Rating: PG, for cussing
Summary: Jaye, in an uncharacteristic burst of fellow-feeling, agreed to go on a road trip with Eric. Partway through, her habitual misanthropy firmly back in place, they end up at the Pie Hole - where Olive is trying to figure out is Randy has a hidden criminal life. What could possibly go wrong?

Lonesome Dove